Giulio, the content creator

I have found in Donegal my kindred spirits. I humbly try to share their connecting stories. The creation of these raw heart warming stories have been taking me up hills, through by-ways and into the most unexpected places with such delight.


I was raised in Northern Italy and studied photography in Milan before moving to Tuscany, where I worked for 25 years as a professional photographer whilst also running my own Integrated Marketing Communications Consultancy.

The global economic downturn compelled me to start a new life in Australia. After several years there, plying my trade in IMC, a cruel twist of administrative fate denied me the right to ever take out full citizenship.

Forced to move once more, I decided to live in Ireland. Once there, I fell in love with the rugged landscape of Donegal and decided to remain on in my newly adopted land. I now work in the field of digital marketing whilst re-establishing myself as a photographer. I am a member of the Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Professionisti Italiani. My images have been published in Vogue Italia.